When you hear that song your heart breaks. When you pass by those favorite spots that you used to enjoy together you could just die.

And you cannot help but to be envious of your friends that seem to be happy in their relationships.

All you want to do is live in the past.

You wonder if you will ever find a way to heal your broken heart.

Perhaps it is easier than you think. Instead of moving on and getting over the past there may be ways to fix the problems.

What if you could get your ex back; that would solve all the issues you are dealing with now and you could move forward.

I know this may sound like the impossible dream right now but it really does not have to be.

Many people have rekindled a dying romance or lost love and you can too.

You are probably wondering how to go about that because I know that you have most likely thought of various plans, trying to construct a way of getting that relationship back together.

I am sure that you know there are some relationships that simply are not meant to be.

So if you are or were in one of those, the kind that is violent or abusive in someway, consider yourself fortunate to be getting out now and move on.

But if your relationship ended over some misunderstanding or due to you, the other partner, or both of you allowing the relationship to go stale then you can bring it back to life again.

You probably owe it to yourself, your partner and the relationship to give it a fair try.

And I am sure that by this point you have exhausted everything you know to do. But do not despair.

The point of this article is to offer you some assurance that there is life after a break up.

Either you will find that the break up was meant to be due to the nature of the relationship, or you will determine that the relationship is indeed worth saving and you can find hope, strength and suggestions to put to use. Regardless of what you decide, I wish you all the best in your future!

I hope that you have found some helpful tips here for how to build a lasting relationship. 
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